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Welcome! Every month we hear from business owners who think they need special skills to reach new customers online. Overwhelmed by the number and seeming complexity of online marketing options, they sit on the sidelines, eager to get in the game but confused about where to start. Sound familiar? If so, this message is for you. 

Start today

Whether you’re new to online marketing or just looking to do it better, our advice can help you reach your business goals. You’ll learn:

• How many new customers you can find online
• Ways to use the Internet to grow your business
• How to measure your results
• How small business can get 90% of its sales online
• Key terms and what they mean
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Become a superstar

We’re creative and filled with ideas to help you get started online, as well as assisting to develop marketing plans for all different types of businesses. Let’s get started right away, by filling out the attached worksheet, to create an action plan.

As with anything else, practice and persistence will lead to online marketing success. We hope you will join us on the path to becoming an online superstar.


Tim O’Dea

"Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy idea."

- Earl Nightingale
What We Do

We provide professional services and business solutions. We build your online presence by developing digital brand strategies, communications, products and services that matter to your target group, and by increasing brand awareness, engagement, sales and loyalty, you will gain higher returns for your investments.

Our Approach

In collaboration with our clients, we create digital experiences for your customers based on the appointed strategic goals. With over 18 years experience with project management worldwide, 3bits | the Agency offers – Website Development, Cyber Security, Digital Media Marketing, Business Consulting, and IT support services.

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